How We Work

Technology-Based Solutions.
Process Engineering.
Low Lifecycle Cost.

Total solutions:

Concept and design – The process begins with the definition of the problems faced. In many cases, more than one technology will solve the issue. The key is defining the optimum total solution. Envirogen experts will examine the complexity of your needs, look for possible interactions of contaminants and identify best solution for your water, wastewater or air treatment issues.

Pilot testing, project management, installation and commissioning – We conduct pilot testing where necessary to validate the proposed design and provide real world data to aid in full system design and sizing. Our engineers will then design the full-scale system, and manage the project through component delivery, installation, commissioning and start-up.

Servicing and plant operations – Depending on your needs, we can offer everything from on-site operations and maintenance of your system, to periodic service calls, to on-demand callouts. Whether it is equipment purchased from Envirogen, or installed by others, we can service it.

Lifecycle Performance:

With ‘lifecycle performance’ we provide guaranteed, pay-for-performance, long-term solutions at predictable costs over the lifetime of an equipment installation or process solution. The effective performance of our technologies and our experience in implementation, and our relationship with our clients allows for the most efficient use of capital and operating resources, and reduces the risks associated with investments made in environmental or process-related systems.