Inside the EPRI 2021 Selenium Summit: An Evaluation of Treatment System Options for Treatment of Selenium

Paul Togna, Ph.D. and Todd Webster, Ph.D., P.E. of Envirogen Technologies, Inc. recently presented at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Selenium Summit 2021, hosted virtually by EPRI on October 26-28.

Presentation Abstract: An Evaluation of Treatment System Options for Treatment of Selenium.

There are a number of technologies available for treatment of selenium, including biological reactors, chemical precipitation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and zero-valent iron. The best treatment option over the life cycle of a project, taking both capital and operating costs into consideration, will be dictated by the water chemistry as well as the concentration and form(s) of selenium in the water. For example, high scaling potential may preclude reverse osmosis while high sulfate may preclude use of iron-based medias. As another example, the form of selenium observed for water in contact with coal combustion residuals can change from selenite [Se(IV)] to selenate [Se(VI)] during the course of an ash pond closure, making chemical precipitation ineffective during the latter stages of the closure.

Envirogen offers both biological (Fluidized Bed Reactor; FBR) and iron-based media (Advanced Metals Removal System; AMRS) options for selenium treatment. Envirogen’s non-biological AMRS process is similar as our biological FBR process and is designed to operate effectively using a variety of iron-based medias.

  • Envirogen’s presentation addresses the methodology used and the factors considered when assessing the best treatment option for a given application.
  • Descriptions of the technologies were presented, with an emphasis on the significant lab studies and pilot studies conducted to date, data generated, and life-cycle costs developed.

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