Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration and Tank Exchange

What We Offer

Envirogen Technologies’ Memphis Service Center stands ready to process all your requirements for Ion Exchange resins including:
• Regeneration of mixed bed and high purity resins
• Regeneration of metal laden wastewater resins
• Virgin resin sales
• IX resin tank service exchange
• Lab analysis of your used resins to assess resin condition
• Periodic system service to keep your equipment running at top efficiency

Our expert staff is ready to help with your Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration and Tank Exchange needs

Resin Regeneration

Envirogen’s central ion exchange resin regeneration facility will regenerate your spent ion exchange resin and return it to you for reuse. And unlike some other companies, we don’t comingle your resin with other’s resin so there’s no chance of cross-contamination.

Even if your ion exchange resin is contaminated with heavy metals from a wastewater process, we can regenerate the resin and manage the waste metals, relieving you of that burden.

Customers can send their IX resin in tanks, super sacks or totes to us for regeneration. We accept all types of resin – Anion, Cation or Mixed Beds – that were used in applications ranging from high purity to wastewater.

Services include regeneration of ion exchange resin and media that are not designated as hazardous wastes (e.g. F006 RCRA listed). Customers rely on Envirogen for regeneration services for high purity, mixed bed, two bed, softening, and metals removal services to meet process or discharge requirements.

Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration Service Advantages

  • Off-site waste treatment and proper residual management
  • No on-site chemicals or regeneration process
  • Ion exchange vessels easily exchanged, modular and easily expandable
  • Minimum operator attention required
  • Enhanced media capacity and service life

Resin and Tank Supply

Envirogen offers a full-Service Exchange program using our DI tanks and vessels matched to your flow requirements. We can provide Envirogen owned tanks and exchange them periodically for tanks with virgin or regenerated resin.

We also supply replacement resin tanks for your low flow systems.

Consider Envirogen for your ion exchange resin regeneration or ion exchange resin tank exchange needs when on-site regeneration of media is not possible or cost effective.

Our expert staff is ready to help with your Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration and Tank Exchange needs

Additional Services Offered

Services we offer include design, fabrication, delivery, installation and maintenance of equipment, as well as handling of the exhausted media and waste management.

Our service may also include a sampling program, whereby effluent water samples are tested on a regular basis.

Our in-house analytical laboratory also offers quality testing services for resin physical properties and condition, capacity and fouling (organic and inorganic).

Envirogen has the technology and facilities to process and regenerate exhausted ion exchange resin and other adsorptive media to return it to service with restored treatment capacity.

Envirogen Experience

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